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My Experiences

Hi guys,

Yes that’s me in the photo and Armond was my true nickname as a kid. Diary Of The Wild Borneo Kid is a semi true story about myself, my family and two best friends growing up in Borneo / Malaysia. What inspired me to write this novel in cartoons is to motivate kids to leave their mob phones, tablets and digital games indoors and start exploring the outdoors. Outdoor activities I feel drives creativity, imagination, risk taking, communication and most of all to have fun. Physical activities not only keeps you fit and healthy but also benefits brain functions, which are a good thing as a child matures into a well balanced adult latter on in life. 

The other reasons I wrote this book are to show kids and their families that colour, race, wealth and religion are only literally skin deep, past that and we're all the same "Amazing Beings"  

My Community

I've had the privilege of growing up in two very different countries with different cultures. As a child in Borneo Malaysia and as a teenager and adult in Australia. The journey has been a challenging and a rewarding one. 

We had to leave family and friends behind and travel to a country dominated predominantly by white or Caucasian people. We experienced both the good and the bad aspects of multiculturalism. We chose to focus on the positives, which shaped our lives for a better future for ourselves and our adopted country and its people, that was in the 70s. Today there are over 500 different nationalities in Australia all contributing to this wonderful island continent. My own personal journey has inspired me to write 

"Diary Of The Wild Borneo Kid"        

Join My Journey

In Australia my family and I have been given an incredible opportunity in the past, present and the future. I would like to contribute back not just to Australia but to other under privileged people in other parts of the planet who are doing it tough. For every ebook and paperback book you buy on Amazon I will contribute 10% of all net profits to assisting those people including projects, which will benefit them directly.

I sincerely thank you for your time.

Raymond Dawson